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Julia Maxwell Joins ISID Team

The International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) is pleased to announce that Julia Maxwell has joined the ISID team this month as the Director of Disease Surveillance.

Julia Maxwell is a public health professional with a focus on low- and middle-income countries. She got her start in the field of public health as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea before going on to complete her MSc in Public Health in Developing Countries at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Previous roles have included working for an HIV research group, as well as managing an Occupational Health program. Julia has spent significant time working in Haiti, both in post-earthquake Port au Prince on a large-scale larviciding project for the prevention of malaria and dengue fever, and in the Northern Department opening primary health care clinics. Before joining ISID in 2021 she worked as the Senior Project Manager at Ariadne Labs on the Primary Health Care team.

"I am incredibly excited to be joining the ISID team in the role of Director of Disease Surveillance. We can all see the importance of organizations like ISID as we experience a global pandemic in real time, and I am eager to contribute my public health training and experience to further this critical work," says Julia.

Julia serves as the point person at ISID for all disease surveillance activities including ISID's Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (ProMED). ProMED is the largest publicly-available system conducting global reporting of infectious disease outbreaks. It is used daily by international public health leaders, government officials at all levels, physicians, veterinarians and other healthcare workers, researchers, private companies, journalists and the general public. Reports are produced and commentary provided by a multidisciplinary global team of subject matter expert (SME) moderators in a variety of fields including virology, parasitology, epidemiology, entomology, veterinary and plant diseases.

ISID's CEO, Linda MacKinnon says, "We are thrilled to have Julia join ISID as a full-time staff member and our new Director of Disease Surveillance. She is a public health professional who has a passion for advocacy and brings direct field experience to her project management and collaboration in the infectious disease space. We are so excited to welcome her to the team!"

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