Developing and supporting the policies the world needs to fight infectious diseases, ISID’s advocacy program encourages collaboration between researchers, clinicians and public health practitioners in the global One Health community and supports the peer-to-peer exchange of scientific knowledge and the application of evidence-based medicine and public health best practice.

We believe that ambitions to capitalize on the gains made in the fight against infectious diseases will only be realized if underpinned by strong, global partnerships; increases in funding and resources; better monitoring and use of data; and the development and wider deployment of interventions.

Amidst the growing consensus around the potential risks posed to global security by future pandemics and acknowledgement of the burden placed on public health by outbreaks of infectious diseases,

We advocate the case for:

  • A One Health approach,
  • Increases in public health resourcing
  • Increased funding for researchers
  • Improved public health policy frameworks
  • Effective planning for infectious disease outbreaks
  • Investment in infectious disease detection and preparedness
  • Increased awareness of healthy behaviors and diseases prevention measures
  • Ongoing professional development of practitioners and researchers
  • Greater collaboration and communication

We support:

  • The development of the specialty of Infectious Diseases as a national resource by all countries
  • The role of low and low-middle income countries in international infectious disease policy development
  • Access to antimicrobials and a fair deal in the global stewardship framework for low and low middle income countries
  • Expansion of global surveillance programs for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases

ISID's Advocacy Programs

ISID's Emerging Leaders Program

The ISID Emerging Leaders in International Infectious Diseases program is designed to give selected early career investigators and physicians in global infectious diseases an unusual opportunity to become involved in a major international organization, work closely with influential experts in their field, and gain invaluable experience at a senior level with program development and management.

This competitive program was developed in 2016 to recognize excellence in the field of infectious diseases at an early career level, to facilitate capacity building and succession planning and to give select, promising early career investigators and physicians the opportunity to become familiar with the Society’s work, engage in ISID’s activities, showcase their work and network with colleagues around the world. The first cohort was selected by recommendation of ISID Council members and consisted of 13 individuals. Learn more about our current Emerging Leaders. 

Emerging Leaders will serve a 4-year term with a new cohort being introduced every 2 years. ISID aims to have about 10 individuals in each overlapping cohort, 20 in total at any one time.