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World AIDS Vaccine Day 2023

Every year, May 18th commemorates World AIDS Vaccine Day to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and the importance of the development of an effective HIV vaccine, as this prevention tool so far has remained elusive in the fight against HIV. This day also serves to recognize the efforts of many people involved working on this scope.

According to the latest WHO data available, there was an estimated 38.4 million people living with HIV by the end of 2021, while an estimated 650,000 people died from HIV related causes, and approximately  1.5 million people acquired HIV.

Since there is no cure for HIV infection, it is treated with antiretroviral drugs that must be taken for the rest of a person’s life. A safe and effective preventative vaccine would play an essential role in ending HIV.

ISID joins the global community on this commemoration, highlighting the contributions of volunteers, the scientific community, and the importance of continuing research work towards paving the road to obtaining a vaccine.

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