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“Unite. Act. Eliminate.” – World Neglected Tropical Diseases

This year, the World Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) Day will have the theme "Unite. Act. Eliminate." – highlighting the need to congregate better awareness of the impact of NTDs in the poorest populations worldwide and adopting measures for further interventions.

Several parasitic, viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases affect populations already experiencing health and economic disparities; NTDs represent essential challenges regarding their control, elimination, and eradication. Late treatment of NTDs contributes significantly to the associated burdens, making early diagnosis critical in planning cost-effective strategies. New therapeutic options are in the pipeline, but additional research is needed to evaluate new and old elements, including different paths for identifying novel treatment alternatives.

NTDs' social impact traps those in a cycle of poverty through its ravaging implications on health and socioeconomic conditions, adding up to the difficulties usually encountered by the national programs in charge. This day is an opportunity to call on everyone to renew and reinvigorate commitments supporting the efforts to tackle these diseases. ISID joins the global community on this commemoration that celebrates the achievements made towards NTD control, recognizing at the same time the critical challenges still present.

Here are recent publications on NTDs from our ISID journal:

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Control, elimination, and eradication efforts for neglected tropical diseases in the World Health Organization African region over the last 30 years – A scoping review
International Journal of Infectious Diseases In Press Journal Pre-Proof Published online: January 21, 2024

Rabies vaccinations save lives but where are the vaccines? Global vaccine inequity and escalating rabies-related mortality in low- and middle-income countries
International Journal of Infectious Diseases Vol. 140 p49–51 Published online: January 15, 2024

Chikungunya virus antepartum transmission and abnormal infant outcomes in a cohort of pregnant women in Nigeria
International Journal of Infectious Diseases Vol. 139 p92–100 Published online: December 3, 2023

First genome-wide association study for lymphatic filariasis in a West African population points to a human leukocyte antigen-mediated disease pathophysiology
International Journal of Infectious Diseases Vol. 133 p1–4 Published online: May 2, 2023

Programmed death-ligand1 is a determinant of recurrence in alveolar echinococcosis
International Journal of Infectious Diseases Vol. 129 p285–288 Published online: February 10, 2023

First bovine vaccine to prevent human schistosomiasis - a cluster randomised Phase 3 clinical trial
International Journal of Infectious Diseases Vol. 129 p110–117 Published online: February 1, 2023

Here are some recent photo stories as featured in the World Health Organization (WHO):

Credits: UNHCR/B.Sokol

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