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Welcome to our New ProMED Moderators

ProMED is different from other surveillance systems because of the commitment of our Moderators.  These incredible professionals around the world bring you the latest information with context, collaboration, and conclusions.  They are the ProMED Moderators.

Each of our professional moderators has extensive expertise in the field and brings years of experience to the surveillance, research and response communities in infectious disease.  When you read the work of a Moderator, you know you are getting professional quality results.  That is why the Moderator community is so exclusive, and joining them takes commitment, talent and effort.

It is with incredible joy that ISID presents to you two professionals who have been selected from their peers to join this global team of high performers. Tasked with maintaining watch over their area and using every method possible to do so, they are on the front line of infectious disease surveillance.  Please join me in welcoming:

  • Dr. Salma Ferchichi of Tunisia
  • Dr. Abdessalam Fikri of Morocco

‘The ISID could not run ProMED without the talent and time of our Moderators.  Our two newest team members have shown their commitment to the community and impressed us so much that we wanted to be sure they joined us in our mission to monitor the world for infectious disease.’ commented Joshua Caulfield, ISID’s Executive Director.

There are many opportunities to be a part of ProMED.  At this time we are seeking correspondents to support the Moderators by extending their vigilance in specific geographic and informational ways.  If you think you would like to be part of this talented community of professionals, please reach out via email to: [email protected].

More about our new moderators:

Dr. Salma Ferchichi of Tunisia has joined ProMED’s subject matter expert team to increase animal health surveillance activities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  She holds a Doctorate Degree in Veterinary Medicine and a Master of Science Veterinary Sciences, with a focus on pharmacology.  Salma is a veterinarian at the Center of Animal Health Surveillance (epidemic intelligence department), Ministry of Agriculture in Tunisia.  She brings regional expertise in epidemiological surveillance networks, outbreak management and animal health data collection.  Dr. Ferchichi is proficient in Arabic, French, and English languages.

Dr. Abdessalam Fikri of Morocco has recently joined ProMED’s subject matter expert team bolstering surveillance in the francophone region of Africa as an animal health moderator.  Abdessalam holds a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and is an expert in animal diseases and surveillance in the Maghreb region, and brings to the team experience collaborating with various collaboration with the international organizations (FAO, OIE, WHO).  His prior experience in animal health and epidemiological surveillance programs, prevention control and eradication of animal diseases and management of emergency programs epizootic diseases will help increase monitoring capacity in the ProMED-FRA region.  Dr. Fikri is proficient in Arabic, French, English, and Spanish languages.

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