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One Health Day 2023

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One Health Day is a time to raise awareness of the integrated approach aiming to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals, and ecosystems in general. The One Health approach recognizes that these are interconnected, meaning that threats to one can quickly become threats to all.

Zoonotic diseases are becoming a growing health threat worldwide, with increasing reports of outbreaks in diverse regions. The risk of emerging and reemerging disease spillover and burden has been augmented by considerable interactions among animals, humans, and ecosystems. The One Health approach is critical to addressing public health threats by integrating environmental issues. Emerging diseases such as Ebola, MERS-CoV, and COVID-19, underline the need for concerted action across sectors.

We must address the different long-term impacts on these correlations, such as in the case of antimicrobial resistance or food security, as well as the increase in different epidemiological patterns driven by factors such as climate change are crucial and important to be dealt with in such a coordinated approach within these various interfaces.

On November 3rd, join us for a one-hour online webinar, presented by leading experts and the editors of IJID One Health, the open-access journal of the ISID. This workshop promises to provide invaluable insights into the intersection of infectious diseases, animal health, human health, and the environment through a One Health lens:

Exploring Solutions: Insights from One Health's Leading Experts


 Webinar Introduction (5 minutes)
 Understanding Bat-Borne Virus Spillover in Southern Africa: A One Health Approach with Professor Wanda Markotter, Centre for Viral Zoonoses, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, South Africa (20 minutes)
 Beyond MPOX: Viewing Poxviruses Through a One Health Lens with Professor Alessandra Scagliarini, the University of Bologna, Department of Specialized Diagnostics and Experimental Medicine, Bologna, Italy (20 minutes)
 Journal Insights with IJID One Health's Editor-in-Chief Dr. Lucille Blumberg (5 minutes)
 Interactive Q&A moderated by Dr. Jennifer Bloodgood, Assistant Professor of Practice Public & Ecosystem Health Department of Public & Ecosystem Health Cornell University (10 minutes)

This webinar is designed for researchers, healthcare professionals, students, and anyone passionate about the critical intersection of infectious diseases, human health, and environmental health.

 Megan Sclater, Marketing Manager
 Andrew Miller, Executive Publisher

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