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Meet ProMED Moderator Mohamed Sirdar

The ProMED Team is made up of over 40 moderators from 34 countries with expertise in human, animal, and plant health. Here we will highlight these amazing experts who make ProMED possible, with your support. 

Name: Mohamed M. Sirdar

Country: South Africa

ProMED Moderator since: 2016

Field of Study: Veterinary Epidemiology

Niche Expertise: Trans-boundary Animal Disease Control & Food Safety

How did you first learn about ProMED?

My PhD supervisor - Professor Geoffrey T. Fosgate

Please describe a memorable experience you have had with ProMED

I was interviewed to join ProMED during my PhD field study sampling in Kruger National Park in South Africa. My Dutch and Australian friends and colleagues in the students' camp were very excited that I would be joining an international organisation that contributes significantly to disease monitoring and surveillance. ProMED is also well respected by my African peers in the veterinary field, and our contribution is well appreciated.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I love soccer to an extent that I will travel to watch my team (Manchester United) practice. I do play cards as well, but only for fun, NO money involved 🙂

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