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Meet ProMED Moderator Larry Lutwick

The ProMED Team is made up of over 40 moderators from 34 countries with expertise in human, animal, and plant health. Here we will highlight these amazing experts who make ProMED possible, with your support. 

Name: Larry I. Lutwick, MD

Country: United States of America

ProMED Moderator since: 2004

Field of Study: Infectious Diseases

Niche Expertise: Viral Hepatitis and Emerging Pathogens

How did you first learn about ProMED?

By reading "The Eleventh Plague" by John S. Marr

Please describe a memorable experience you have had with ProMED

1. My wife introduced me to Don Lowe who was involved with the outbreak of SARS in Toronto. When he heard that I worked with ProMED, he remarked "Thank you. What CNN was to the Gulf War, ProMED was to SARS. You guys kept everyone in the loop." 2. I am honored to use the ProMED data base to feed information on ongoing outbreaks directly to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum's exhibit "Outbreaks: Epidemics in a Connected World"

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I am an avid baseball fan, best described as a fan of whoever is playing the Yankees but I love the Mets and participated in their Fantasy baseball camp in Port St. Lucie in 2019. I actually hit the ball thrown by major league pitchers!

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