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ProMED: Measles can be stopped

Measles is easily controlled with a safe and efficacious vaccine, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). There is no reason children have to suffer severe disease from measles and in some cases die due to this disease. It is irresponsible of parents not to have their children vaccinated; the link between vaccination and autism has been disproved, yet parents continue to cling to it. The consequences are clearly evident from the global increase in disease following measles infection. And it is particularly important to protect children who cannot be immunized due to immunological issues, such as children receiving chemotherapy to treat cancer and other conditions. Furthermore, it is far more costly to treat individuals following infection because they have not been vaccinated – see table of costs in post from Forbes above.

It is not only measles that one can easily protect against by vaccination, but also other vaccine-preventable diseases. There was recently a case of varicella in an 11-month baby causing a stroke after infection, the virus having been transmitted from unvaccinated older siblings , demonstrating why chickenpox vaccine is so important. “The case highlights the dangers — both to one’s own children and to those of others — that are associated with skipping vaccinations. Widespread vaccination protects kids who can’t get vaccinated either because they are younger than 1 year, like the boy in the report, or because they have immune system problems. In recent months, there have been numerous chickenpox outbreaks around the country, a result of pockets of parents who have opted not to vaccinate, assuming either that their kids won’t get the disease or will simply tough it out if they do.” (

Parents need to be reminded how serious these vaccine preventable diseases can be, which is why the vaccines are developed. – ProMED moderator, Laura Kramer.

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