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Kudos to Aisha Abubakar for PhD Accomplishment in Public Health

ISID would like to give a big kudos to one of our own staff members, Manager of Scientific Programs and ProMED-EAFR Moderator, Aisha Abubakar, for her recent achievement in receiving her PhD in Public Health. Congratulations, Aisha! 🎉🎓

"I feel a great accomplishment by completing my doctorate program and being awarded a PhD in Public Health. The international nature of the program has helped me immensely in completing the program. Particularly, the international networking with colleagues from around the world has helped shape my career and keep me up to date with the latest happenings in my field of study around the world. The program has helped shape the person I have become by improving myself greatly as an epidemiologist, setting me to ask more questions and deepen my understanding of issues that shape infectious diseases around the world. In addition, starting and completing the program has helped to serve as a motivation to myself and others as learning is a lifelong process. During the program, I particularly liked the courses in leadership and team building in the workplace. All the above have helped shape the person I have become as I was able to dedicate myself to the task at hand. So, the completion of the PhD in Public Health is for me a step in the right direction not only to progress in my academic and professional life but the acquisition of more skills to serve in my capacity as a supporter and facilitator of lifelong learning."

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