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HIV/ID Joint Scientific Conference Recap

Look Back – Kenya!

The National AIDS & STI Control Program (NASCOP), along with the HIV Clinicians’ Society of Kenya (HIVCSOK), Infectious Diseases Society of Kenya (IDSK), and the International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID), organized their first-ever joint conference on Infectious Diseases and HIV. The Conference took place from October 23rd to 26th, 2023, at the Sawela Lodge, Naivasha in Kenya. The goal was to unite professionals and experts in these fields to encourage collaboration, share innovative approaches, and enhance resilience in addressing global health threats – new and old. This joint effort recognized the significance of addressing both infectious diseases and HIV comprehensively, as HIV increases the risk of severe infections and many of the lessons learned from the HIV treatment and prevention efforts could be applied to other infectious diseases too. Collaboration is emphasized in the management of infectious diseases, including HIV, amid emerging health threats, necessitating knowledge sharing and innovative strategies for effective control and prevention.

ISID was thrilled to be a participant and sponsor of this unique event and is looking forward to featuring the ‘Best of HIV-ID Joint Meeting: From Kenya to South Africa’ Scientific Session at the upcoming 20th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (ICID) being held in Cape Town, South Africa next December 2024.  Another unique feature of this meeting was the HIV-ID Conference “Community Village” which highlighted bringing real conversations from the whole spectrum of the community to the scientific community. This type of dialogue is so important as academics, clinicians and public health professionals need to never lose sight of the goal of our research, teaching and clinical care – to make lives better for our patients and our communities.

The conference was ably chaired by Dr. Loice Acheng and Dr. Rose Wafula andScientific Chairs Drs. Felix Riunga, Barbara Mambo and Irene Mukui. We are so grateful to all the speakers, organizers - especially Ms. Connie Walyaro, ISID Executive Committee (EXCO) member, and colleague and friend, Dr. Jeanette Dawa, who’s amazing coordination of our partnership so seamlessly ensured the event was monumental! The ISID booth at the Conference was a busy hub of young researchers, laboratorians asking questions, hopeful emerging leaders and community frontline workers – it was a pleasure to meet you all!

Current ISID President, Dr. Paul Tambyah, featured in the first day’s Scientific Program with his plenary talk on ‘Device Associated Infections’, while ISID past-President, Dr. Marc Mendelson, also gave an eye-opening plenary talk ‘Global Stewardship View of AMR’. ISID EXCO members also helped with the difficult task of evaluating the large number of submitted abstracts, the best of which were presented at oral and poster sessions covering a wide range of topics from malaria vaccines to the latest in HIV therapeutics and community efforts to contain antimicrobial resistance.

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