Volunteer Application

Volunteer with ISID

Thank you for being part of the ISID community. We are delighted to have you as part of our community of 80,000 health professionals. Many of you have asked how you can get more involved with ISID, with ID internationally, and how you can help make a difference on a global field. The ISID has now begun to develop volunteer activities based around the areas of action people like you have indicated are important. The form below is a means by which you can let us know of your interest, your availability, and the areas of impact you would like to participate in. Please feel free to complete this form and let us know that you want to help, how much time you have to give and what you are most interested in participating in. We will be collecting these applications year round, and when opportunities make themselves available, we will be reaching out to the people who have “raised their hand” by completing the form. Please note, that all of your information will be held in confidence, and will only be shared among the staff, Council and Executive Committee.

Please complete all of the sections of the application below. We are sorry, but incomplete applications will not be able to be considered.