Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for International Society for Infectious Diseases

2019 to 2020

Current as of December 10, 2018 


The International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) is the leading global organization focused on infectious diseases.  ISID was created in 1986 by a merger between the International Congress on Infectious Diseases and the International Federation on Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.

ISID is composed of more than 85,000 individuals representing every country in the world. Since its inception, ISID has been dedicated to the professional development and standing of clinicians and scientists in the field, particularly in low resource settings, and providing information and surveillance to control infectious diseases around the world. ISID is committed to the One Health concept recognizing the intersection of infectious diseases in humans, animals, plants, and the environment, which is of major importance for the global control of emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. ISID encourages the collaborative efforts of the human health, veterinary health, and environmental health communities working locally, nationally, and globally for best control and management of infectious diseases.

We recognize that infectious diseases cross all national and regional boundaries and that effective long‐term solutions require international scientific exchange and cooperation. ISID and its members are dedicated to developing partnerships and finding solutions to infectious disease challenges around the globe.


Our vision is a world where the importance of ID education is recognized; all healthcare professionals are educated in key ID concepts; and a strong leadership in ID from both HICs and LMICs champions the implementation of practical solutions for ID-related problems worldwide;

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support health professionals, non-government organizations, and governments around the world in their work to prevent, investigate, and manage infectious diseases and outbreaks when they occur, especially in countries that are resource limited and also disproportionally bear the burden of infectious diseases.


ISID prides itself on upholding the following core values:

  • Independent and transparent
  • Committed to the One Health approach
  • Providing accessible, relevant information to all who need it

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1 – Advocacy

Capacity building in Infectious Diseases in LMICs by

  • Communicating the value of increased ID capacity
  • Promoting the value of increased ID capacity to key stakeholders (such as WHO, UN, leading advocacy groups, etc.)
  • Increasing the number of grants and fellowshipprograms offered by ISID

Objective 2 – Leadership 

Build a global ID community with a particular focus on stimulating engagement from individuals based in LMICs by

  • Promoting the development of leadership in ID globally
  • Creating linkages to other ID societies and global, regional and national organizations
  • Developing membership to provide a platform for communication and knowledge sharing at a global level

Objective 3 – Research

Increase the impact of research developed in LMICs in the regions where it has been produced and stimulate science for the global good by

  • Providing opportunities for researchers from LMICs to present their work
  • Improving the network and connections of ID professionals in LMICs
  • Being a global partner in research collaborations/grant applications; provide global reach and ensure usability of developed materials in LMICs; include researchers from LMICs in ISID projects

Objective 4 – Education 

Deliver high-quality, globally relevant education and facilitate the implementation of practical solutions by

  • Delivering high-quality education meetings with a focus on LMICs
  • Exploring new forms of education including different kinds of content delivery
  • Ensuring usability of educational materials and implementation of recommendations across various resource settings

Objective 5 – Surveillance and Preparedness

Improve global pandemic and epidemic preparedness following the One Health concept by

  • Providing timely dissemination of reports on emerging diseasesand infectious diseases of global priority
  • Providing early warning through rapid detection and verification of emerging threats
  • Stimulating and supporting research and data sharing in the area of epidemic preparedness

Objective 6 – Enablers 

Generate sufficient income and use technology and modern communications to execute the strategic plan

  • Raising the funds needed to achieve our objectives
  • Developing IT and communications systems to better communicate with and inform stakeholders
  • Developing strategic partnerships to further advance the mission of ISID